Do certifications help in Career advancement?

Professional Certification 

Career certifications are valuable tools in modern business environments. Companies and organizations are always looking for ways to increase profits, cut costs, and improve overall business operations. The proper training and certification usually provide targeted solutions. Among the most valuable career certifications is project management training and certification, with the most recognizable program for project management being the PRINCE2 by HiLogic. Unless you are a complete business novice, then you probably comprehend the importance of an efficient project manager. Project management certification and training have become increasingly popular. Certification courses are short, affordable and focused- creating an advantage for users and employers alike. With corporations becoming bigger and more complex, project management certification is highly marketable resume addition. Project management certification is at such a premium in modern business that an organization will often hire an educator, like HiLogic, to perform project management workshops and train their entire staff. 

Hilogic is an accredited training, certification and business advisory services. HiLogic was formed in Australia in 2002 and has serviced organizations across Australasia, Asia and Europe. HiLogic Sdn Bhd established in 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as our hub to service clients across Asia. HiLogic trainers work with clients to apply recognized methods, frameworks and approaches. Our focus is on our clients achieving their individual and business goals through the adoption of PPM (project portfolio management) methods and agile concepts to support desired individual and organizational capabilities. The objectives of our services are centred on sharing knowledge, supporting skill development and advising clients on the best approach to deliver strategy and customer value. Hilogic specializes in training courses for business environments, servicing organizations across the globe through: 

  • Project, programme and portfolio management (PPM) 
  • PPM health checks
  • PMO establishment and management 
  • Strategic Planning & business blueprinting
  • Business performance improvement 
  • Capability planning and development 
  • Business startup
  • Change management
  • PPM governance analysis 
  • Human resources management 
  • Risk Management 
  • Agile Management

PRINCE2 Certification is one of the most respected projects managements courses worldwide. PRINCE 2 project management training and certification for project managers, team members, support staff, and programme support staff in need of a method to help manage projects of different types and sizes. This PRINCE2 was created in 1989 and is a well-respected business method, utilized method of private and public organizations. While the method was initially purposed for IT projects, PRINCE 2 training was as updated made to the original program in 1996 to include project management for all industries. The UK government has utilized PRINCE2 since 1998. Global companies, like Siemens, Canon, and DHL express utilize the PRINCE 2 project management techniques and processes as well. 

The PRINCE 2 project management method is based on 7 management principals, 7 management processes, and 7 knowledge areas, also known as themes. 

The 7 PRINCE2 Management Principals are: 

  • Continued business justification 
  • Learn from experience
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Manage by stages 
  • Manage by expectation 
  • Focus on products 

The PRINCE2 7 Processes are: 

  • Starting up a project 
  • Initiating a project 
  • Directing a project 
  • Controlling a project 
  • Manage a stage boundary 
  • Manage product delivery 
  • Closing a project 

The 7 PRINCE2 Themes/Areas of Knowledge are: 

  • Business Case  
  • Organization 
  • Plans 
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Progress

The PRINCE 2 training and certification has been used by over 1 million people worldwide. There are no prerequisite qualifications required to begin PRINCE2 certification training, other than a 3 day PRINCE2 Foundation Course. Users must pass an examination over the Foundation Course to enrol in the full PRINCE2 project management training certification program. Organizations usually schedule in-house PRINCE2 training, but individuals can enrol in a public course as well. 

HiLogic business certification courses and services provide valuable structure in corporate environments. All of our trainers have a minimum of 15 years of experience in project management and a minimum of 10 years experience with delivering PRINCE2 training across the world. Modern socioeconomic conditions, including rapid consumerism, and internet marketing require organizations to be efficient in all of its processes. The expectation of the modern consumer is fast delivery of service and flawless professionalism. HiLogic certification courses assist corporate organizations in identifying and maintaining a competitive edge by teaching business processes that are efficient and ethical. The PRINCE2 method training course is a project management course for businesses that expect to expand and generate increased profits. Healthy business growth is highly dependent on a project manager who can effectively lead multiple teams, implement ideas, and maintain efficient processes while coping with unexpected changes. Any organization can improve their project management processes by receiving training and certification with Asia's most experienced PRINCE2® project management training team and Malaysia's number 1 PRINCE2 project management training provider. Professionals who take PRINCE2 training with Hilogic maintain a higher than world average exam pass rates. 

Visit to schedule a company in-house training, and view a schedule of upcoming courses. Our staff has delivered training and consulting worldwide in over 20 countries. At Hilogic we possess a strong appreciation of the importance of cultural considerations when delivering training and consulting solutions. HiLogic trainers each have a minimum of 15 years experience in project and programme management. Our trainers are independently assessed and accredited by the Association of Project Managers Group (APMG). 
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